Electric-check earthing ring device

It is used to electric wire electric-check and earthing for the aerial insulation wire.
 Simply structure easy installing
 Reliable earthing
 Good insulation performance
Name Catalog No. Applicable bus (mm2)
Electric-check earthing ring device    JBCD-50-120(10kV) 10kV JKLYJ 50-120mm2
JBCD-150-240(10kV) 10kV JKLYJ 150-240mm2
JBCD-35-120(lkV) 1kV JKLYJ 35-120mm2
JBCD-150-240(1kV) 1kV JKLYJ 150-240mm2
Catalog No. Applicable bus (mm) Note
BYD-0 50~240 Small size, with JBL-50-240 two sections (with shell)
BYD-0 50~240 Small size, with JBL-50-240 three sections (with shell)
BYD-1 50~240 Medium
BYD-2 120~400 large



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