JXL series stram clamp and insulation cover (wedge type

JXL series clamp (wedge type)is suitable for unendre force splicing of conductor on the aerial distribution,also used for aluminium wire or aerial insulation aluminium core wire, insulation cover and clamp are used together.
It’s action is insulation protection.
Structure feature
 No waste energy reliable splicing reliable splicing easy installing.Suitable for all kinds of conductor combination, highly suitable.
 Reuse,long service life
Application of wire clamp
Wedge type wire clip is made up of C type wedge shell and wedge block (as shown in the following two pictures). The size of groove between C type wedge shell and wedge block is directly related to the diameter of conducting
wire to be installed. The size and shape of wedge is decided by the designer and manufacturer. Therefore, in choosing wedge type wire clip, the user may only offer the type and cross sectional size of main traverse and spur traverse. 
See table 1 and table 2 for the choice of wedge type wire clip

JXL series clamp (wedge type)

JXL series clamp and insulation cover (wedge type)

Option of wire clamp installation tool
1.Shell of wedge type wire clip is divided into four types from 1to 4#. Choose proper installation tools according to wedge type shell number. Small
size installation tool may be used for wire clips of 1# and 2# shell. Large size installation tool may be used for wire clips of 3# and 4# shell. Dimension of
conducting line for 3# and 4# shell is 150-240 square millimeters.
2.The successfully developed hydraulic type installation tool produled by our company is featured with many advantages such as portability, reliability
and good installation effect and it can be at free choices for users.

JXL installation tools of wedge type

JXL Wedge insulating clamp intelligence the erecting tool
See table 1 for the choice of JXL type wire clip
Branch wire LJ-16























Wire clip code
Main wire
LJ16-5.1 14405-1 14405-8 14406-3 15407-3 16408-3 17408-6 18409-7 28410-4 39411-3 31412-0 42412-6 42413-8
LJ25-6.45   14406-5 14407-0 15407-7 16408-9 17409-4 18410-4 28411-1 39412-0 31412-7 42413-2 42414-4
LJ35-7.5     14407-5 15408-3 16409-5 17410-0 18410-9 28411-6 39412-5 31413-2 42413-8 42415-0
LJ50-9       15509-0 16509-8 17510-9 18511-9 28512-6 39513-4 31514-2 42514-5 42515-6
LJ70-10.8         16611-1 17611-8 18612-8 28613-3 39614-3 31615-1 42615-7 42616-5
LJ95-12.12           17712-1 18713-2 28713-9 39714-8 31715-5 42716-1 42717-3
LJ120-14.25             18814-3 28815-0 39815-9 31816-6 42817-1 42818-3
LJ150-15.75               28815-8 39816-6 31817-3 42817-9 42819-1
LJ(TJ)-185                 39917-5 31918-2 42919-1 42920-0
LJ(TJ)-210                   31118-8 42119-4 42120-6
LJ(TJ)-240                     42220-0 42221-2
LJ(TJ)-300                       42222-4
See table 2 for the choice of JXL type wire clip

Note: Description of wire clip code: such as 28613-3, the first number 2 of the code represents the 2# shell of the wire clip; the second number 8 of the code represents the large arc of the wire clip wedge) radius, the last three of the code 13-3 represents the sum of the radius of the main branch wire.
Customers can indicate the model specifications of the main wire and branch wire when ordering, or determine the code of the wire clamp according to the above selection table.

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